Here at Miracle Place Church we have many ministries that we offer. We offer prison ministry, youth ministry, All the Way House, children’s ministry, family care, The Leaders’ Institute, and many more!

Here is some of our testimonies that we have received with missions.

Dear Bishop Ricky,

Thank you so much for all your helping that you have been sowing in Pakistan to win people for Christ and Expand his work in Pakistan, i want let you know that there is some pictures we did a 2 day’s big crusade¬† where up to 2 thousand people was there and up to 100 people accepted¬† Christ and God heal many people by the grace of God and by the his power.
We are also praying that God bring you in Pakistan to Bless his People in Pakistan.

we give you Praise Jesus For you and for your Great work that God bless you to do for ALL Nations.

Please Remember us in yours payer every day as we do same for you
Please pray for that God will Provide us our Building we want hire now Church for MPC because as we are growing so fast in Pakistan we are now near about every Sunday 500 people and we want hire big hall where people can hold one time 1 Thousand so please pray God will provide us money .